Embracing the Past, Savoring the Future

An ancient wonder by history

Einkorn wheat is not just any grain; it’s a time-traveling ingredient that connects us to our ancestors. This remarkable grain has been a companion to humans since as early as 7500 BC, and now NatBio is bringing it back to life, straight to your plate.

Embark on a culinary journey back in time! Shop our products.

A distinct gem by nature

Unlike modern wheat with 42 chromosomes, picture Einkorn with only 14,
lacking the tricky D chromosome often associated with wheat intolerance.
So, by choosing Einkorn, you’re selecting a healthy wheat that speaks well to your
body—it’s like having a perfect dance partner!

A pack of nutrients beyond the grain

Einkorn is a nutritional powerhouse packed with protein, antioxidants, and a whole bunch of vitamins and minerals! Its nutty flavor, silky texture, and buttery yellow color make it a treat for your taste buds. You’re not just eating something delicious; you’re also nourishing your body with goodness.

What’s so Interesting about Einkorn?

Here’s everything you need to know:

  1. Pure and Natural: The greatest concern with the majority of flour available now may be the elevated concentrations of pesticide and herbicide residues. Many farmers treat their wheat with dangerous chemicals like glyphosate both during and after harvest. It’s the only wheat never mixed with anything else. It’s unprocessed, untouched, and certified to be free of glyphosate, just the way nature intended.
  2. Gluten-friendly: It’s easier to digest than modern wheat, so you can enjoy it without troubles.
  3. Rich in Nutrients: It’s lower in carbohydrates, packed with protein, B vitamins, antioxidants and essential minerals, making it a superfood that reduces inflammation.
  4. Delicious: Its nutty taste, smooth texture, and buttery color, not commonly found in everyday goods, give a special touch to your favorite dishes.
  5. Versatile in Baking: Whether it’s cakes or cookies, Einkorn’s your go-to for all kinds of baking.
  6. Pro- Biodiversity: Choosing Einkorn preserves nature’s diversity and adds to the beauty of our planet.

When you have a slice of NatBio’s Einkorn bread, you’re savoring both the past and a taste of the future in timeless wholesome, natural goodness!