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Modern Wheat vs. Ancient Einkorn: SEE the Gluten!

20/06/2019 By

With gluten being problematic to many people, causing inflammations and damage to their intestinal tracts, you’d think that gluten-free products are the answer. However, these people don’t have to give up wheat anymore, thanks to Einkorn wheat. Check out the Gluten content difference in modern wheat versus Einkorn wheat in this video.

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Health Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

10/06/2019 By

As more and more people are turning to more organic lifestyles and trying to improve their health through adopting better eating habits, there are also many people going one step further and enjoying the health benefits of a raw food diet. In this article I am going to firstly look at; why so many people are choosing raw foods over…

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9 Superfoods you should be eating

24/05/2019 By

Superfoods are foods that contain a high level of various vitamins, minerals and other components that are beneficial for one’s health. These foods have a great nutritional value and protect us from various diseases. Keep reading in order to find out what are the foods you should definitely include into your diet. Acai This fruit belongs to family of berries…

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Reasons to include Organic fennel in your diet

26/11/2015 By

Fennel has become a common word in shows that air lifestyle news. It is a fresh vegetable that belongs to the Umbelliferae family. Physically it composes of three parts; a bulb that is white or pale green closely arranged stalks growing from the bulb and feathery green leaves. Its flowers sprout above the leaves where they produce the fennel seeds….