Our Story

In 2013, Mario Mrad and his wife Patricia witnessed the alarming rise of fast food in Lebanon. Driven by a deep-rooted passion for health and sustainability, they envisioned a change, a world where people could reconnect with the ancient grains that had nourished humanity for millennia. And so, NatBio was born, reviving the world’s most ancient and original wheat, Einkorn.

The first seed ever planted by farmers, which was on the brink of extinction in the most prominent historical eras, has remained untouched since then, and it remains the purest grain today.

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100% Organic

Our 100% organic products are baked with clean-label ingredients and superior quality.

Keeps your family healthy

When it comes to nutrition, we make sure that our organic products provide your body with the most essential nutrients for your happiness and health.

Always Fresh

It is delicious, fresh and always baked with wholesome perfection.

Safe from pesticides

Because we care about what you eat, our farm and products are pesticide-free.